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I'm MAD as Hell and I'm not going to take it Anymore!

What is Your Most Important Wealth Lesson?
Retiring after 40 years is a Myth ... a LIE ... Discover Proven Secrets To Find FREE MONEY hiding in your Debt.

It's Amazing! And I'll show you why.

I came across a System that shows you EXACTLY how to take control of Your Money. If you're interested in funding your Retirement with your debt, Then listen up.

I am going to Reveal what Millions are discovering on how you can Live Abundantly in the Fastest, Most Realistic Way -- By Managing Your Money the way the Rich do!

What's there to be MAD about?
You've been a Victim for a Long Time and didn't even know:
  • The Most Common Investment Mistakes and How to Avoid them.
  • How to Protect Your Assets and Prevent Your Life's Work from Being Destroyed.
  • 6 Major Mistakes that can Threaten Your Retirement.
  • How to Easily Get out of Debt and Accelerate Your Retirement by Learning how to Properly Budget.
  • 3 Distinct Ways to Create Additional Income and Which of them has Real Power.
  • How to Motivate Yourself Financially so that You & Your Family are Forever Secure.
  • What a Virtual Millionaire tm is AND How You Can Financially Position Yourself to be one.
  • We Show You How to Protect Your Future by Diversification and Produce Multiple Streams of Income in the Process.
  • And Much More! (See Below)

Powerful Money Manual & eCourse

This eCourse is filled with Realistic, Useful and little known ways to take control of Your finances. Right from the start you will begin learning New and Powerful Money Management Secrets -- Everything from becoming a Virtual Millionaire tm to the Most Common Investment Mistakes and How to Avoid them! And you are given Lifetime access to the website so that you get the latest updates and additions to the Course.

Financial Security comes from first understanding finances, then knowing how to handle them, and finally taking complete control of them. That is what our eCourse is all about. It is MOST recognized for the Debt Elimination instruction. People from around the world have implemented this section of the course and changed their Financial Health Forever!

What are YOU going to do?

You can Worry about the Future and Sink Deeper into Debt ...
You can learn Simple Money Management Strategies that Will allow You to Retire in Comfort - And do it sooner than most!

While everyone else whines about the economy and groans over downsizing, YOU CAN THRIVE!

You know the Best thing about being Financially Secure isn't all the Luxuries you can afford. Of Course, luxuries can make life more fun, but the Best thing about Money is the Relaxed and Confident feeling it gives you.

You wake up in the morning and enjoy all the gifts life has to offer -- You are Free from the nagging burden of financial anxiety.

Learn how to be the Master of Your Life. Whether you are here because you want to: Learn Better Business Management - How To Better Budget Your Money and Get Rid of Your Debt - Begin Investment Training or Retirement Planning - Our eCourse will allow you to Successfully Master each of these topics The RIGHT Way!

This is the Only product in it's class ( to the best of my knowledge), and I want to share it with you. Look at what others have said about this Great eCourse:

Peter Kaye says; More Valuable Than I First Realized!

"The course is much more valuable than I first realized and I have been teaching my own children these very important life changing lessons found within. I printed out the first chapter on "How To Motivate Yourself" and have been going over this material with them at the supper table. They are grasping these concepts and it's already changing their outlook on life. I wish I'd had this information when I was that age. The future is very bright for those who have been given this information and opportunity. I'm looking forward to an early retirement!"

Debbi Bressler says; Don't get Downsized - Before You're Prepared!

We're a "typical" June 2, 2001 my husband was downsized from his "secure" 12 year job. He was out of work for nine long months. Because we had implemented so many of Kelly's strategies, we never had to touch one DIME of savings. While our friends were living on their 401K's (so much for retirement!), we were able to keep our heads above water!

Kurt Hjelle says; Money Left-Over!

In November of 1999, I was $25,000 dollars in credit card debt. With the information that is contained in the course we were able to pay off $16,000 of that in one year, plus we consistently contributed to my Roth IRA and my wife's 401K. And guess what, we still had money to travel throughout the country 3-4 times. Praise the Lord for RQ!

These people, like the ones on the Testimonial page, do not have a hidden motive for endorsing this course. It's just their honest opinion. They're Real! (It's fraud to make up testimonials).

If you lost your job tomorrow, how long could you last before the Real Owners of all that Stuff, came banging on your door? Most people are fortunate if they could make it 3 months without finding a comparable job FAST. We live in an Era of Corporate downsizing and laying off. This is a time when you reach a certain age, you are no longer marketable for your profession. Thousands of people lose their jobs and cannot find employment for anything near what their previous job paid.

People Say they want to be Financially Secure - Debt-free, but don't know how to go about getting there. We aren't taught the strategies in College. And Bad information abounds from "Experts". We don't even Really understand how carrying debt hinders our Dreams. Many of the Experts, even go so far as to advocate Debt! How ridiculous is that? Did you know:

FACT: Americans carry, on average, $5,800 in credit card debt from month to month. If one were to make only the minimum payment on that debt every month, it would take 30 years to pay off - and include an additional $15,000 in interest.

FACT: 96% of all Americans will Retire Financially Dependent on the Government, Family, or Charity. (U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services).

FACT: Almost one out of every 100 households in the United States will file for bankruptcy.

All Fact Information Compiled from

I often ask people if they could change One thing for the better, what would it be? 95% of the time they tell me they would be debt-free. They say they are tired of worrying about being laid off, how they will pay for the kids education, or how they will maintain their current lifestyle when they retire.

What would your answer be, and why?

Unfortunately most people don't think that it is truly realistic to be debt-free. They feel it is an un-reachable goal. But is it? I know it isn't.

When did it become okay to get into debt in order to own something? Especially something we didn't Really need, but we wanted it, so we put it on the Credit Card without understanding the impact the higher interest rate would have on our Financial Health.

I believe that it is Simply a combination of two things; that most think-- "It could never happen to me." AND Lack of Knowledge on how to Create Wealth!

Have we become so impatient, so spoiled, that we would rather live up to our ears in debt, than to wait? I suspect the Honest answer is Yes.

Fortunately, You are here for a reason. You want to take charge of YOUR Money, and Your Life. And we have an Awesome eCourse with Lifetime membership that will show how to do just that!

Did you know that if you have as little as $1000 on a Credit Card it can cost you $300,000? I didn't. If you go out to dinner and put $50 on the Card, that dinner could end up costing you literally Thousands and Thousands of dollars! "I sure hope it was Good Food."

Best Bet to No Debt

  • You learn how to Reach Your Dreams of Becoming Debt-FREE

  • How to Live Abundantly in the Fastest, Most Realistic Way.

  • Learn how to Create Your Own Unique Retirement Goals as Quickly as Possible! Retire with Real LifeStyle!

  • You will learn 8 Principals that could Change Your Thinking about How You Earn an Income.

  • Learn 3 Secrets about your mortgage that will Save You Thousands of $$. Stop Over-paying Now!

  • Find out How You Can Truly Own Your Home FREE and CLEAR!

  • You will get a Full Understanding of Why Consumer Debt is so Destructive.

  • Learn How to Quickly Eliminate Debt using a Few Simple Techniques.

  • Work Sheets for a Family Budget Plan, Debt Payoff, Dream Sheet, and Mortgage Pre-payment Coupons.

  • You get access to the Online Loan Payment Calculator and a Savings Calculator, too! Easy to use.

  • Learn Everything You should Know about Trusts and Wills, but probably Don't!

  • Why it is Imperative, Regardless of Your Age, to have a Living Trust or Will, and How to Choose which one is right for you.

  • Find out how to Fully Protect Your Assets without Over-paying.

  • Find out about an Incredible, but Little Known Investment Strategy that is used by the Rich and Available to Anyone, including YOU!

  • Which Annuities will Protect Your Assets and How to Structure them.

  • Learn What YOU Must Know About Off-shore Trusts and where to find the Right Help. There are a lot of Scams out there, so don't get Caught with Your Pocketbook open!

  • Discover the Biggest and Most Common Mistake People make when Investing, and How NOT to let it happen to You.

  • The Formula to Purchasing the Right Amount of Insurance.

  • Learn about 5 Insurance Policies You should Never Purchase and Why.

  • Find out the 3 situations where You should NEVER use Term Life Insurance.

  • Learn how and where You can get the Same Sophisticated Investment Advice as Multi-million Dollar Institutional Investors.

  • Details on 4 types of Investments so You can choose what is Right for You and Your family.

  • In all, You will learn Solid Business Management AND Personal Financial Management! Plug up the Holes that are Draining Your Money and become Totally Financially Independent! In Other Words -- FREE

Our eCourse will teach you how to Make Prosperous Choices so that you can live abundantly. It is filled to the brim with no-nonsense detailed instruction. When you complete the Course you will Know the Secret of becoming a Virtual Millionaire tm and How to Retire Early without any debt!

Did you know that there are 4 ways to Achieve Financial Independence? Do you know what they are? We show you which one is the Easiest and Most Realistic.

Find out how and Why Total Truth with Yourself and Others will propel you toward your Dreams .. Your Goals. Plus, learn the Secret that will balance Your Expectations with what is achievable.

You Can Quickly Eliminate ALL Debt using our Avalanche System. As a SPECIAL bonus, we will also show you how to use Legal Tax Strategies that will Immediately IMPROVE your Net Pay.

Would You Take A 50% Discount?

Suppose ALL the Companies you have Credit with offered you a 50% discount. Wouldn't You Grab It? Well, that is what we are offering you in this eCourse. With All the NEW knowledge, you could Easily Save 50% on every Loan you have! The Best Way to Create More Money these days is to STOP Wasting what you have! Put those Extra Dollars into your pocket, or better yet, Invest it!

Owning Your Own Life! That's What We're All About.

We are in the business of showing You how to regain your life, and your dreams, through financial and business management!

We won't invade your life, we just show you through an Amazing eCourse with Lifetime Membership to our Website, how to get out from under the life-sucking, dream buster burden of debt. By following our Realistic Methods you can be completely Debt-Free within a few short years! And it is all step-by-step.

Close your eyes for just a moment and imagine how your life and that of your family would be with no bills except utilities, taxes, and food! Imagine being able to live wherever You wanted, not panicing every time rumors of lay-offs started at your job. Imagine being able to Retire faster with a better quality of life than most. With our eCourse and Lifetime Membership you can do it.

People today believe that being in debt is normal. That it is a necessary evil. But for many of us that is Not true. For many of us the Reality of true freedom is already here or very close. We took back our lives, and we want to show you how to do it too.

TIP: Negotiate your interest rates on your credit cards! Interest rates are Very Low right now, and the competition is Stiff. So take advantage of it and get the card company to lower or take your business elsewhere, then transfer your balances!

Save Thousands With Our No Debt CourseThis eCourse is Worth Literally thousands of dollars to you... But it can be YOURS Right Now for a ONE Time Payment of Only $50! You get the eCourse and Lifetime Membership to the Website and All updates and additions.

our guarantee

Our No Risk Guarantee!

Okay, pay attention to this. Get the eCourse. Read it. If you aren't Thrilled with Your New Knowledge and the Powerful Strategies within the 1st 3 Days, we will give you back 100% of your money!

All I ask is that you give it a shot - a Fair Review. If you don't feel the Course will help you, we Don't Want YOUR Money!

I'm confident you're going to be Very Impressed with the Value. If not, then you get a Full Money Back Guarantee! No Questions Asked!

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Let us Reveal them to you now! Remember, there are NO other fee's to pay Ever!

How to complete the Order: You will be taken to our Order page. Click the PRODUCT button. Choose RQ eCourse for a ONE time, LIFETIME Membership. It's Only $50. Then simply follow the remaining instructions. The Order site is Secure! So no need to worry about your information. We accept Major Credit Cards, Debit-Cards or eChecks. Order by clicking Here

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Kelly ReeseThis Course was written by Kelly Reese, a Chartered Financial Consultant and self-made millionaire. Administrator of a private Christian College and Christian Stewardship Counselor. He shares nearly 30 years of experience with you and he is teaching his Secrets in a Step-by-Step manner that are easy for you to follow and understand.

He has been a financial consultant to some of the wealthiest people in the United States.

The mother corporation has been in business for 2 solid and profitable years. They are based in Florida.

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